BAD BREATH – how do you know?

That sinking feeling you might have bad breath can be quite distracting as you chat to friends and colleagues. There are easy ways to test your breath yourself without having to ask a loved one to sign up the the task! Wearing a facemask makes us aware of odours on our breath – bad breath, also known as halitosis, has become a more common complaint that perhaps wasn’t as noticeable before the pandemic.

  1. Lick your clean wrist – use an area of the tongue as far back as possible to lick your wrist, wait 10 seconds then have a sniff.
  2. Floss between two back teeth and sniff the floss
  3. Use a tongue scaper or the back of a spoon to gently scrape your tongue, then smell it.

Yikes?! What next?

Keep an eye on what you’re eating as it may be something in your diet. Have you sinus trouble or digestive system issues?

Make sure you’re staying hydrated.

Let us help contact us today! Very often plaque and bacteria lurking in between your teeth are the culprits. We will help develop a treatment plan to eliminate it. We’ll get you back on track so you can be confident it’s not an issue in future social settings.


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