BAD BREATH – how do you know?

That sinking feeling you might have bad breath can be quite distracting as you chat to friends and colleagues. There are easy ways to test your breath yourself without having to ask a loved one to sign up the the task! Wearing a facemask makes us aware of odours on our breath – bad breath, [&h...

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Does visiting the dentist make you a bit nervous?

Read our tips below to make a visit a lot easier! Call and schedule your appointment yourself. By talking to our team directly you’ll realise how friendly and understanding our whole team is. Pick an easy day for you such as a Saturday so you’re not rushing. Tell us everything you hate! Whatever...

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How do I make my teeth look whiter?

Whitening your teeth is an easy way to brighten your smile, but there are other tricks to help them appear whiter too! The outer layer of your teeth (enamel) is white, whilst the underlying layer (dentine) is yellow. Here’s a few tricks to enhance the white appearance of enamel and minimise the ye...

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