How do I make my teeth look whiter?

Whitening your teeth is an easy way to brighten your smile, but there are other tricks to help them appear whiter too!

The outer layer of your teeth (enamel) is white, whilst the underlying layer (dentine) is yellow.

Here’s a few tricks to enhance the white appearance of enamel and minimise the yellow appearance of dentine.

Visit a hygienist

A simple cleaning can remove staining which has discoloured teeth. This improves the appearance immediately and prevents this staining from penetrating deeper into the tooth structure.

Get a tan

A fake one of course! Bronzer and self tanning lotion will darken your complexion, which will leave your teeth looking whiter by comparison.

Lipstick shade.

Blue undertones in lipstick, like a berry or plum colour will bring out the white in your smile.

Avoid orange tones on lips as this can reflect as yellow on your teeth. Similarly gold or bronze tones in lipgloss will reflect yellow hues, go for a cool, silver shade instead.

Clothing counts!

The same lipstick shade guides apply to clothing near your face, the stronger the cool and blue tones, the whiter your teeth will look.

Rinse after coffee

Prevent staining by rinsing your mouth with water after a coffee. Over time this staining can penetrate the deeper layers of tooth structure and discolour teeth. A simple rinse is fine because brushing after drinking an acidic drink can thin out your enamel.

Avoid abrasive toothpastes and aggressive brushing.

Over time, aggressive brushing will thin out the enamel layer leaving a more prominent yellow dentine visible.

Enjoy those pearly whites!

Read more on teeth whitening on our treatment page or contact us to discuss how we can help get the smile you always wanted,


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