Is it safe to see the dentist while pregnant?

We regularly see expecting mums for treatment at Anne’s Lane Dental.

We are often asked if it is safe to go to the dentist while pregnant.
The answer is yes! In fact, it’s actually a good idea!

The hormones circulating in your body can affect your gums. Your gums are more likely to bleed and there is also a greater chance of them being inflamed or infected.
Having a gum infection can be painful or lead to your teeth being damaged.
You’re also more likely to get a build-up of plaque on your teeth as diet and hygiene habits can be disrupted.
Dental treatment can be carried out at any time during pregnancy.

However, the best time to perform the treatment is during the second trimester.
By this time your baby’s organs have developed and the risk of side effects is lower.
Research shows that women who receive treatment such as fillings, extraction, and root canals during this time do not experience higher rates of problems at birth.
Furthermore, nausea and postural discomfort often become an issue beyond this point.

Remember that if you do have pain or swelling, you may need immediate treatment.
The consequences of not treating an infection during pregnancy may outweigh the possible risks of medication used during treatment. Your dentist and doctor will carefully monitor the use of any antibiotics or pain medications.

If you have any concerns about dental care during pregnancy, feel free to contact us to discuss it with us!

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